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Goats for God's Glory

Becoming One, part 2

Becoming One, part 2

Grace has LOVED RED since she was a toddler! Her "wedding shoes" were RED Hunter boots! 

It was important to Grace that everyone wear the boots they love! Sooo fun!  


Recessional to "For Me and My Gal", courtesy of Gene Kelly and Judy Garland,


Wiping tears of joy! In the background was her "book page" garland; for those of you who do not know, devouring books has always been a big part of Grace’s life!

 A joyous reception filled with over 400 friends and family, we were soooo blessed, thank you ALL for coming!


Princess Isla

Incredible food, thank you Essencia bakery! Even goat cheese a plenty:) 

Plenty of cider for the toast!

Taking in all the wise, loving words from the toast of the best man, maid of honor and Daddy!

Beautiful cake that her sweet sister-in-law baked!

Gathering of the garter and tossing!

Watch the progression of a most-often quiet brother of Grace:

 Victory! No hard feelings!:)

A Proud sister:)

Throwing the bride's bouquet...

MB almost had it!:) maybe next time:) to be continued in part 3...

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Our Fall Festival!

Our Fall Festival!

A blog post!!! I know. Finally. This blog has been quiet for far too long.   To say it’s been a busy summer is a colossal understatement, but I’ll say it anyways. It’s been a busy summer, a busy fall, and it’s turning into a busy winter. Summer was full of markets, goats, sunlight, garden vegetables and my engagement (!!!) I’m engaged to Brian Michener. He’s a fruit farmer, who lives in Grandview and works at his family’s business, “Bill’s Berry Farm.” The wedding is January 3rd; with the close of fall, it’s fast approaching, but more about that another time.   This post is about our Fall Festival!

It happened Saturday, October 4th, here on the farm. This was our fourth annual Festival; and with about 1,500 people through, it was our largest Festival yet! If you came out that day, thank you so much for coming! We loved having you here! And to all of our lovely volunteers~ thank you so very much for all you did to help make our Festival possible! We are so blessed by you all!



This year we had some new, exciting activities at our festival!   Live milking demonstrations!   And we had a wooden goat for the littles to practice milking!


But the main event of the day was the very first ever Anderson Family Farm Goat Rodeo!  You really needed to be there to take it all in. The pictures give a glimpse. We had Rodeo Princesses and Rootin’ tootin’ Cowboys!

Participants had their own number printed on tyvek paper, just like the big rodeo participants!  

There were glittered hats to wear.  

 Even the goats were glittered for the Event!


They rode original goat sticks I made especially for the Rodeo. 

Audiences leaned against the white railing, breathless to catch the action inside the arena!


 There was goat tipping.

Bucket racing.

And the candy bar race!

  And then awards for everyone!

It was a blessed day. The weather was beautiful, the farm was looking its best, and the visitors were happy. Praise God for another lovely Festival! We’re looking forward to next year!


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