Goat Milk Lotion, post 6

Goat Milk Lotion, post 6
"There is desirable treasure. And oil in the dwelling of the wise, but a foolish man squanders it." Proverbs 21:20

Believe me when I say it would be wise for all to have some Organic Shea butter (OSB) around the home.  This I feel is the ICU of emollients, making it a wonderful super food for the skin! For starters it nourishes, protects and moisturizes ALL skin types. It is so mild that it is perfect for sensitive skin and is used on babies all over the world.
Organic Shea Butter liquid in two different size beakers


OSB comes from a nut tree in Africa. The tree grows 60 feet high and lives to 200 years! It produces the first fruits at 20 years and reaches full production at 45 years! Wow! I love trees, you will eventually learn this about me, so this information was truly impressive to me.:) I will cover a non exhaustive list of nutrients and benefits to show you how important this butter is in our goat milk lotion. It is very high in unsaturated fats. Those amazing essential fatty acids; a remarkable amount of unsaponifiables. This simply means the oil cannot be changed into acid or alcohol or salt. This makes it even more beneficial to the skin.

OSB is rich in vitamin E, D and A as well as allantoin. It contains cinnamic acid which provides UV protection. This in turn helps to prevent damage from too much sun. OSB also is a natural antioxidant. These all feed and keep the skin healthy and vibrant. I love the benefits of including this rich butter in our goat milk lotion. The high amounts of EFA moisturizers are very anti-inflammatory. As a result of the wonderful vitamins it helps the skin to age gracefully.

OSB relives eczema, skin rashes and itching. Heals burns and reduces scars and blemishes. Heals minor skin injuries and sores; contributes to healing dermatitis and psoriasis. It is amazing for harsh climates whether it be extreme sun or extreme cold winter conditions. So you can see why I call this my ICU oil, and will continue to sing its praises! Now we have completed the oil phase of our lotion.  Join me for post 7 as we cover the additives in our lotion. Blessings upon you!

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  • Oct 20, 2016

    You are sooo welcome dear sister! To God be the glory great things He has done! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

    — Kimberlee

  • Oct 20, 2016

    I love your posts! They are so educational! I’ve never given that much consideration to what I put ‘on’ my skin, before I started reading these lotion posts….but I do now! Thank you!

    — Debrah Lew

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