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Q: What do you recommend for my skin? I am over 50...

A: All of our body lotions are perfect for hydrating hand and body. I love applying fully after my shower. They are all the same formula with different therapeutic properties. The day Finish cream for the face and neck is a lovely healing cream with natural SPF properties. Our night cream is what I call silk in a jar, very rich. As with all of our products they are 100% high performing raw materials and a little goes a long way and deeply nourishes and feeds your skin. I could not even tell you the huge number of women who have found profound results using our facial products and Night Cream! I know you will as well. The last gem I will mention is our oil cleanser Sea Bleu; it is amazing, and economically priced. You will love the benefits and therapeutic treatment all in minutes in your self skin care regimen!

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