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Christmas Goat Milk Lotion Blend

Christmas Goat Milk Lotion Blend

In answer to the question you were just about to ask… I’m not going to talk about Starbuck’s Christmas Blend coffee{although it is quite fantastic} Today I’m going to tell you about our limited edition of seasonal lotion. It’s called Christmas Blend. For this special blend we added to our rich, silky formula three essential oils. Orange oil, Balsam Fir oil, and Frankincense oil. All these essential oils are full of beneficial qualities. Orange oil is uplifting, stimulating and it prevents inflammation. Balsam Fir oil is an excellent stimulant, causing your mind to be more alert and aware. Frankincense oil is rich in history and healing qualities. It was one of the gifts of the Magi, all those thousands of years ago, to the infant Jesus. Frankincense is healing for the nervous and respiratory system. It is also has powerful antiseptic and disinfecting properties.

goat milk lotion christmas blend in large clear bottle

Each of these essential oils has a fresh beautiful scent, but when combined they whisper Christmas in your ear. Your first impression of this lotion is the bright orange scent. Thoughts of Christmas baking come to mind…then the richer, fuller scents of the Balsam Fir and Frankincense greet your senses. Snow covered forests appear in your mind’s eye. Finally, the peaceful Frankincense; the scene of Christ’s birth when He left the glory of Heaven to become a man on earth. When God gave the greatest gift of all. The gift of Love. Forgiveness. Undeserved, unmerited grace. A gift we couldn’t buy. We couldn’t earn. That is what brings the joy, hope; the warmth to Christmas. Consider our Christmas Blend lotion as the perfect gift for someone special.

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