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Goat Milk Lotion, post 5

Goat Milk Lotion, post 5
“But my horn You have exalted like a wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil.” –Psalm 92:10

So where do I began to tell the story of organic coconut oil? I will choose here: Have you ever been anointed with fresh oil? Fresh oil would be organic, first pressed, cold pressed, unadulterated, and unrefined. I am not speaking in the spiritual sense here, though the physical. I had an experience this past year that confirmed my every conviction concerning Organic Coconut Oil (OCO). I ended up with a spot on my eyelid that was not going away, rather the opposite, it was growing. I had my husband pray for it and we put organic coconut oil on it. Within 24 hours it was gone! Completely gone and never to return! That was after a month of watching and fretting about it:(.  

scoop of shea butter at bottom of clear glass beaker

So often I am a slow learner. OCO when applying it topically first works externally then penetrates and works internally as well. It is loaded with medium chain fatty acids (MCFA). These are extremely antimicrobial. This was a huge consideration in formulating a natural lotion. It has lauric acid as the primary MCFA. This is the same acid that is in human breast milk and protects our babes from tons of bacteria. It is very antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and high in antioxidants. Do you see a pattern? I love this stuff.

Shea butter in liquid form in 2 glass beakers and in solid form in one beaker

OCO repairs and protects skin from destructive free radicals. It is very moisturizing and hydrating for dry skin.OCO melts in your hands as well as mouth :). It melts above 78 degrees and solidifies below 78 degrees. This amazing fat gives our lotion that sensation of silk! Who doesn’t want that on your skin? It helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and reveals fresh, youthful cells. You will love this one. OCO helps to prevent liver spots. As we age we can get theses brown spots that happen when free radicals deteriorate the lipids (fats) in our skin when it is over exposed to the sun. Amazing! OCO helps connective tissues stay stronger. This in turn keeps our skin from sagging and wrinkling. If this is not all enough, OCO also heals psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, acne and dry damaged skin. Wow, this is why I chose OCO in our goat milk lotion, goat milk body butter, goat milk lotion bar as well as our goat milk soap. So why not try it today, you will be convinced as well of the miracle God gave us in OCO. Join me next week as we continue the story of organic shea butter in blog post number 6. Until then blessings upon you!

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Goat Milk Lotion, post 4

Goat Milk Lotion, post 4

Oil and perfume make the heart glad, and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel. Proverbs 27:9

Organic Shea butter in liquid form in two beakers with a scoop of butter in one beaker

Olives are one of the oldest foods known. Dated back to biblical times olives have provided food, oil, fuel, timber as well as medicinal benefits. We still enjoy the oil from olives today. The benefits are far reaching whether you ingest extra virgin olive oil or it is applied topically on your skin. I love to use what was given from God in His infinite wisdom and love. He always gives us gifts for healing, joy and nutrition.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is derived from the first cold pressing of the olives. It has been proven that EVOO has many more anti-inflammatory benefits over later pressed olive oil. It also contains the highest amount of anti-oxidants. Such as vitamin E and A and polyphenols that are abundant in EVOO are known to neutralize free radicals. EVOO feeds the skin and aids in repairing damaged dry skin. This in turn helps to fight the free radicals that cause skin cancer.

golden organic shea butter in a glass beaker

Olive oil has been proven to develop less skin cancer after exposure to UV light. Because EVOO fat composition is similar to human skin, it rarely causes an allergic reaction, making it an excellent choice for sensitive skin. It is also very good for hands and nails, as you will note when using Anderson Family Farm’s Goat Milk Lotion. Remember what you put on your body ends up in your body! Next week we will look at some of my favorite butters: Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Shea Butter in post number 5.

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Goat Milk Lotion, post 2

Goat Milk Lotion, post 2

 This week we will finish the water phase of our goat milk lotion, and then move onto the oil phase. Our next ingredient is my very favorite in the lotion! Can you guess what that is? Perfect, you’re right; KINDER GOAT MILK! Pure, pasteurized, unadulterated white perfection! This is really the queen ingredient in our lotion formula. Without our special milk it would be just like many other lotions on the market.


It begins in the cool of the morning when the maidens of the farm head out to the white barn. Here is Mary Beth {affectionately called Joyful} milking our Kinder goat, Faline. She truly looks like Bambi’s sweetheart, only here at the farm she is our sweetheart!


Our milk is hand milked and then brought into the farm house. The milk that is used in the lotions and body butter is then pasteurized and iced quickly down to 40 degrees. Then it is batched into lotion in small handmade portions. All in the same day, the milk from our Kinder goats is in your lotion by the afternoon! How fresh is that?


The benefits to the skin are many, and quickly absorbed. Some of those benefits you may not be aware of. For example goat milk is very high in vitamin A, vitamin B, such as riboflavin and niacin.  These all help to nourish the skin.

Goat milk has many minerals, acids and enzymes that feed and revive dehydrated skin.

Goat milk has many nutrients that include proteins, hormones {naturally found in the milk, not synthetically added} and good fats! Our Kinder milk has high butterfat with natural cream and small fat globules that allow fast absorption into the skin.


Goat milk has alpha-hydroxy acids found naturally in the milk. Unlike the way this popular ingredient is added into commercial products.  It greatly aids in neutralizing free radicals, sloughs off dead cells allowing new cell growth and reconstruction of collagen fibers. Wow!

Goat milk has a pH close to human skin, therefore allowing the skin to benefit from all the blessings of the milk naturally. Our God is an AWESOME God!!! 7.0 is the power of hydrogen {pH} of goat milk! Mmmm, I love perfection!

Please check out our Kinder Goat Milk post to read about added benefits.


Now onto glycerin our last ingredient in the water phase. Glycerin attracts moisture into the skin and fills the microscopic voids in the surface of dry skin, thus protecting the skin from heat, cold, wind and pollution. This enables the dry skin to heal and restore health and moisture. For these reasons I have chosen glycerin to be number 4 in my line up of essential ingredients in our Goat Milk Lotion.

Next week join me in Goat Milk Lotion post #3 where we will enter the oil phase, oooh!


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Goat Milk Lotion, post 1

Goat Milk Lotion, post 1

Sometimes it is very beneficial to think outside of the box.  Over the next seven weeks I will be taking you there with posts on the ingredients in our goat milk lotion. We will be taking a close look at ingredients and the end result of all those decisions. It has always been our family’s goal to watch what we put into our bodies as well as what we put on topically. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and what you put on it enters your blood stream within minutes. This has led me to the challenge of creating a product with the purest ingredients possible, incorporating organic standards as well as organic ingredients whenever possible. It is by God’s pure grace upon us in bringing you the final result of all the research, testing and final formulas. So please join me as we take a deeper look into our goat milk lotion.

Empty glass beakers to make goat milk lotion with

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7 Here at Anderson Family Farm we take God’s word very seriously. We love all the many promises throughout the word of God just waiting for us to take hold of and run with. So here is where I chose to begin asking, seeking and knocking; then came the listening. Lotion is made up of three phases: water, oil and additives.  Let’s start with the water phase.  We chose the purest form of aloe vera concentrate we could find. I love the benefits for the skin! Aloe vera helps to rebuild healthy living cells. It aids in healing burns and reduces scarring. It is anti-inflammatory thus aiding in any skin condition that is swollen. We felt it was a great choice that would have many wonderful benefits. Our next ingredient is distilled water.  Your body is made up of 75% water. Therefore in a lotion it is an essential ingredient! This will be absorbed and bless your thirsty skin.

Pretty empty glass measure beakers lined up for making goat milk lotions

Please join me next week for post #2 on Goat Milk Lotion.


Ten bottles of goat milk lotion in two different sizes and 3 round metal tins

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