Chicks on the Farm

Chicks on the Farm

Daughter holding newborn chick in hands near face 

When you think of fluffy, yellow chicks, you usually think of them in a pile of straw in an old barn. But things are not always the way you think they would be. On the Anderson Family Farm, our chubby yellow and brown chicks bask under a red heat lamp in an antique galvanized wash tub, in our yellow kitchen.

Chicks in tub under heat lamp

 The chicks enjoy being in the kitchen. There is a constant buzz of activity in this room of the house. People laughing, baking, cooking, eating, and fondling new chicks. We all love having the chicks in the kitchen, but there is one person who especially loves the chicks inside our farmhouse and that is Millie Joy, in her bare feet and linen dress.

Chicks on wooden floor near feet of girl in linen dress

Chick in hand of young girl 

 The chicks are her constant companions. Chirping in high pitched squeaks, they hop around her feet on the dark wooden floor. Millie will sit by the galvanized tub watching the chicks as they stretch their delicate feet and spread their growing wings. She laughs as they tumble beak first into the sawdust. This is the chick’s favorite way to slip into a little nap time.

chicks sleeping in tub with sawdust 

Millie sometimes wishes the chicks would stay small and chubby, covered in down feathers. But as with all things the Lord has created, the chicks will grow up. Someday, not too long from now, the chicks will be covered in glossy feathers, laying brown and green eggs for Millie Joy to gather.

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  • Oct 20, 2016

    Thanks Kai. :)
    I’ll let the photographer know that she’s doin’ a good job ;)
    Thank you so much for your help with the beast…and everything else…

    — Grace

  • Oct 20, 2016

    Hi this is Micaiah. Let me say those chicks are reeeealy cute! Also whoever takes the pictures for this blog does an awesome job keep it up and I’ll see you at 17:00 to wash the "Black Beast :P

    — Kai

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