Our Goat Milk Lotion in Healthcare

Larry Birger, Jr., MD, is our guest blogger.  He has received no renumeration for this post, but has used our lotion for the past 8 months.


I work as a physician, and wash my hands easily 50 times a day. Thus, maintaining skin integrity has always been a challenge for me. For 12 years I used Kiss My Face Olive and Aloe lotion as the best option I could find, until I discovered the Anderson Family Farms products. I keep a bottle of their goat’s milk lotion on my desk, and my hands are better this winter than they’ve ever been. Additionally, the purity of ingredients is superior to any product of which I'm aware (a quick label comparison of other "natural" products confirms this). In my practice I have many patients -- such as diabetics (especially their feet) -- for whom good skin care is essential, and I am recommending the Anderson Family Farm line – and I’ve gotten very positive feedback. Additionally, I believe the purity of their ingredients makes these products an attractive option for people with very sensitive skin, or sensitivity to chemicals and perfumes, and I recommend them on that level as well. Larry Birger, Jr., MD.

 Dr. Birger practices Internal Medicine with a focus on cardiology patients.

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  • Oct 20, 2016

    What a great testimony from Dr. Birger! The product really speaks for itself!

    — Carol @ Pur et Simple

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