Silk in a Jar - Fresh Goat Milk Night Cream

Silk in a Jar - Fresh Goat Milk Night Cream

*** Updated on November 24, 2016 ***

This cream has been formulated for the sensitive skin around your eyes, face and neck. I recommend applying it at night though in saying that if you feel your face needs a little extra support go ahead and put it on in the morning as well! I have chosen the oils for their highly absorbent qualities as well as anti-aging properties!

I first took APRICOT SEED OIL that is very emollient and high in essential fatty acids. I infused this oil with our own ORGANIC CALENDULA and ORGANIC CHAMOMILE grown on our farm. These herbal flowers are very healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and revives the skin. Chamomile is also known to remove dark circles under eyes. I then combined that with cold pressed RED RASPBERRY SEED OIL which is also very high in essential fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory qualities. It is also high in vitamin E and vitamin A which is wonderful around the eyes! STRAWBERRY SEED OIL is very high in antioxidants, all essential fatty acids, which are highly moisturizing and hydrating while maintaining the skin’s elasticity.

CARROT SEED OIL is cold pressed and extra virgin. It is extremely high in beta carotene, vitamin A and rich in the essential fatty acids, which is wonderful around the eyes. It is unrefined and helps balance the moisture of the skin. This is very nourishing, reviving and anti-aging as well! I LOVE the smell too, very fresh and sweet! CHARDONNAY GRAPE SEED OIL is cold pressed and very high in antioxidants that feed the skin and aid in keeping the skin young and fresh! ORGANIC COCONUT OIL, I can't say enough about all the benefits of this rich oil for our skin! It is great for sensitive skin that is dry or itchy. It also is loaded with essential fatty acids and is very anti- microbial, high in anti-oxidants and penetrates quickly without clogging pores! Yay! FRESH PASTEURIZED GOAT MILK, this incredible milk from our adorable goats is going to deliver over 50 different vitamins, minerals and enzymes for your skin to absorb! Goat Milk also has natural Alpha hydroxyl acid in it, which will naturally exfoliate the skin leaving it youthful and revived!

We want you to know we use the purest ingredients to make our products. Each of our products is handmade and special attention is given to each one as we create, finish and package them. 

Anderson Family Farm is proud to offer two scents in this wonderful creation: Lavender and Pure.


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