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Charcoal Goat Milk Facial Masque - Anderson Family Farm

Anderson Family Farm

Simply Clear Goat Milk Masque: Charcoal


Simply Clear Goat Milk Charcoal Masque will remove organic impurities while drawing out pollutants in order to detoxify your beautiful face. Our goat milk masque will deeply cleanse and balance oily skin, leaving the pores tighter and brighter. The goat milk will deliver nutrient rich vitamins and minerals as well moisturize your skin. You are left with a glow from the inside out.

Use your activated charcoal masque once to twice a week by placing a small amount into your hand or cup and blending with water until desired consistency. Apply the charcoal masque on your face. Allow to dry, then gently remove with a warm cloth and goat milk kefir soap. Follow with Simply Clear Tone and complete with Simply Clear Finish for a simply delightful experience! 

Please note:

  • Can also be blended with aloe vera juice, honey or jojoba oil.
  • maximum strength.

The choice is clear

    Simply Clear Ingredients: Kaolinite (White Clay), Carbon, Goat Milk Powdered.

    • Natural beauty come from natural beauty products.
    • Handcrafted in Ellensburg, WA. USA
    • Net Wt. 2.5oz./74mL
    • Farm to Skin 
    • Goat Milk

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