Simply Clear Facial System


Our Simply Clear Facial System includes:

  • Simply Clear Goat Milk Masque (choose one: Blush, French Green, or Charcoal) this is a free product!
  • Simply Clear Tone (choose one: Geranium or Lemongrass)
  • Simply Clear Goat Milk Facial Soap (choose one: Kefir or Charcoal)
  • Simply Clear Facial Scrub Grapeseed
  • Simply Clear Goat Milk Finish
  • Simply Clear Sea Bleu
  • Simply Clear Serum

When you purchase our whole collection for $170.00, you will receive your goat milk masque of choice for free plus a re-usable masque brush ($32.95 value). 

Please indicate the type of Tone, Soap, and free Masque using the drop down menus above.

  1. First cleanse; your choices are our Simply Clear Goat Milk Kefir bar or the Simply Clear Goat Milk Charcoal bar. The first ingredient in both bars is our pure goat milk, deeply moisturizing, containing over 50 vitamins and minerals for the skin to absorb and utilize. Our goat milk soap is an excellent choice for sensitive skin. The Simply Clear Goat Milk Kefir bar is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial though it is loaded with good bacteria and fighting essential oils that are going to bring healing and nutrients to the skin. The Simply Clear Goat Milk Charcoal is going to draw out impurities and toxins from the skin to be washed away, yay:) I would recommend using the kefir bar in the morning and the charcoal bar in the evening. The charcoal bar could also just be used a few times a week if the skin type is very sensitive.
  2. In addition to the cleansing bars, enjoy our Simply Clear Sea Bleu by putting one dropperful in your hand and dot the oil around your face and neck. Then working from the neck upward, massage the oil for at least one minute and let it stimulate your senses as it calms and deeply cleanses your skin. Then take a very warm washcloth and hold against your face for approximately 30 seconds, gently wipe the oil off. Removing makeup and soil while moisturizing. Inhale deeply and enjoy the process. I feel oil cleansing gives our facial skin another experience for a variety of nutrients to cleanse and feed the skin! Feel free to use this product nightly, or a few times a week, or as a double-cleansing option. 
  3. Next would be the Simply Clear Tone; I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this step. Simply Clear Tone is going to deeply cleanse any lingering impurities and tighten down those pores. The Simply Clear Tone Lemongrass would be a brighter, antiseptic, crisp toner; Simply Clear Tone Geranium has  many benefits, one being a wrinkle reducer, because it tightens skins and slows down the effects of aging. It also contains fatty acids, which keep the skin cells healthy. They are both excellent for fighting acne.
  4. The third step would be either the Simply Clear Finish. The Simply Clear Finish is a cream that heals scar tissue, dries acne, and most importantly helps prevent breakouts. The goat milk will contribute vital nutrients and help to gently exfoliate dead cells. Jojoba oil is going to balance your own facial oils while the organic chamomile and organic calendula that it is infused with will bring many amazing healing benefits to aid in a clear complexion. You may use Simply Clear Finish as a spot treatment, or an overall day moisturizing cream. We do not use any water in our products, so they are very concentrated and a small amount goes a long way. The Simply Clear Serum is a wonderful quick spot treatment. The active essential oils really attack blemishes and is great to use on the uncomfortable larger blemishes. We have had great success with this convenient product, making it a great non-fussy treatment that all would appreciate. This can be applied at any time of the day. The jojoba oil carrier is not going to sit on top of the skin, rather work with your own sebum to absorb and carry in the essential oils, working immediately.
  5. Our Goat Milk Facial Masques come in three choices: The Simply Clear Goat Milk Blush Masque would be the mildest. This may be used multiple times during the week. The Simply Clear Goat Milk French Green Masque is our medium strength treatment and can be used a couple times during the week. The Simply Clear Goat Milk Charcoal Masque is our heaviest and I would recommend using this only once a week. All three of our Goat Milk Facial Masques will draw out deep impurities, toxins, and dirt. It will dry excess oils and moisturize without leaving the skin feeling greasy.
  6. Our Simply Clear Goat Milk Grapeseed Facial Scrub is a gentle choice, it will cleanse and exfoliate your beautiful face! The grape seeds are anti-oxidant rich, small and biodegradable that polish the skin, leaving your skin gently exfoliated and deeply moisturized from the nutrient-rich goat milk. I recommend using this scrub just once a week. The salts are finely ground in either choice, and will contribute vitamins and minerals to the skin while gently removing dead skin cells. All of the essential oils chosen are targeted for healing, cell renewal, and breakout prevention.
Goat milk is number one on the list for sensitive skin; our special breed of goats called Kinder Goats (pronounced like kindergarten) will give your skin the best opportunity to heal, restore and then manage any future breakouts. I believe the choice is clear, our Goat Milk Simply Clear system will be a great way to start the process.

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