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Our Biographies

Rick and Kimberlee

Rick and Kimberlee Anderson 

Rick: Greetings, I am Rick Anderson, co-owner of Anderson Family Farm along with my lovely bride Kimberlee. I am a father of 7 amazing children and have the blessing of 7 grandchildren! The love of my life is my darling wife Kimberlee, who among a multitude of other things, has the God-given ability to turn plain goat's milk into all of our wonderful products that we all love.

Kimberlee: As we begin our bios we felt doing them together was perfect, because we are one and have been for 38 years now! Since the inception of our business we have bonded even deeper, this often happens in stretching times. I refer to it as crisis bonding, somewhat like going camping. I was a stay at home mommy of 7 blessings and grandblessings for some 31 years of our marriage and loved every minute of it! As the need arose the Lord gently pointed me in another direction, as well as continuing in my first most important job of wife and mother to many. It has been exhilarating, challenging, amazing and thrilling to see all that the Lord has done!

Rick: In 2011 and after 30+ years of steady work for a variety of schools and businesses I was laid off. God was doing a new thing in our family that even now after 8 years, I am still discovering what it is He means to do. Gone were the steady paychecks, leaving home to go work somewhere else, the enforced rhythm of corporate life. Working in our business I am learning to be much more creative, more communicative, more cost-conscious.

Kimberlee: In the early years of our business there was a ton of research and development, testing and more testing and long hours poured out. While all those elements are still active today we have enjoyed great growth and joy in knowing that thousands of precious people have been blessed by our goat milk body care products. Truly we have market-tested the products and proven they are a great benefit to the skin! We praise God for our sweet goats and all they have contributed to our success.

Rick: Our family business continues to grow each year, sometimes in huge leaps, sometimes at a steadier pace. Jesus gives us what we can handle; we keep our eyes on Him. With growth comes new challenges to solve, new decisions to make, new areas of investment of time, energy, and resources. We wait upon the Lord to open new doors of opportunity for us.

Kimberlee: As of December 2017 marks our two year anniversary of working in our beautiful formulary. We have already reached the point of growing out of it and Lord willing will start another building on the farm that will help with the blessed growth. We hope to have farm experiences open to enjoy the journey from the baby goat all the way to the product in the formulary in the coming year.

Rick: The next door to open was receiving a USDA grant for value-added producers. After submitting a 100+ page application, we were selected to receive this matching funds grant, which allows us to expand our business in ways we never thought possible before. Thank you Jesus!

Kimberlee: As I look to the future I smile, knowing the one who holds it is great and mighty and will direct and lead us by His eye and His Pure Grace!


Mary Beth 

Hello, my name is Mary Beth! I'm number 6 in the line up of 7. I've never known a day without goats! They've been around for as long as I have. I love living on a farm! I feel so very blessed and privileged. The fresh air of morning milking gets me every time. Ellensburg has a beauty that is hard to describe. It's my home, and I love it. I love the big sky full of stars. Stunning sunsets. And yes, even the wind. I love it all.

When we started our business in 2011, life changed, but for the better! I am proud to be an Anderson girl. So blessed to have been taught so much by my daddy and mama, and still learning. The best parents, teachers, and employers I could ever ask for! I love working the business.

I love working as a family. I love selling and making friends with life long customers and supporters. By Gods pure Grace, He has brought us to this point. I have faith that it is because of Him, through Him and only with the strength of Christ that we are here. He will take us all the way!

In my free time, I love gardening, singing, hiking and mountain climbing, loving my kitty, making food and knitting.


Millie Joy


Hello, my name is Millie Joy! We've had goats for as long as I can remember, and I have many memories of them with my siblings that I'll always hold close to my heart. My family and I moved to Ellensburg when I was 5 years old, and it will always be my home.

I enjoy making art as one of my hobbies. I started taking art seriously when I was around 10 years old, and I've continued to do it ever since then. I love to read and write as well. In September of 2017, I began the Running Start program at Central Washington University, and I love it!

My main goal in life is to raise a family of my own, and God has been growing that desire every day now. I want to always be there for people; showing them the same unconditional love that my Lord has shown me.

I feel very blessed to be alive, and see each day as a gift with opportunities to reach out to those in need and be a light through Christ. His mercies are new every morning!